The Most Affordable Birthday Newspapers

Behind a very small black door in a non descript street in a West Country town a revolution is taking place within the niche gift market place.

The Papers Past UK Newspaper Archive of original editions of "Times" Newspapers is awakening. The leather bound tomes that have stood for decades are being dusted down and examined by the archivist as he glides up and down the aisles selecting the various editions that have been ordered.

His customers have contacted him, sometimes in desperation, to procure the actual "Times" paper from the actual date of birth of a friend or a loved one after having exhausted every other gift idea such as socks, handkerchiefs, slippers etc.

The simple search term "Birthday Newspapers UK" turns up various suppliers, Papers Past UK included, but Archivist Ian Willsher says "We provide some of the most affordable Birthday Newspapers UK, our overheads are low and we have some great prices and offers. In particular we do not charge Postage and Packaging nor any extra for Same Day Despatch. In fact I enjoy the challenge of tracking down a dated newspaper, carefully extracting it from the volume, packaging it and taking it down to the Post Office by 5.30pm. I am very proud of my long list of very satisfied customers".

So, in these cost conscious times why not check out exactly what is on offer at Papers Past UK remembering that it will be Ian who unlocks the archive to instigate the search for your paper.

Ian Willsher Archivist Papers Past