Good Friday 1944, 1954 and 1964

Our most requested years this week have been 1944, 1954 and 1964 and we are coming up to a point in the year when one particular day from those years is not available.

Back in those years no newspapers were printed or published on Good Friday so 14 April 1944, 16 April 1954 and 27 March 1964. These dates are unavailable but do consider going for a nearby edition which will still give an amazing insight in to life at that time. The recipient will totally understand the reason why you weren't able to get their exact date and they will certainly enjoy reading the news and events from around the time of their birth. A good alternative would be to go for the day before. The free Birthday Book will still be enclosed for the correct Day and Month so no problem there.

Ian, the newspaper archive manager, will give you more advice if you contact him at or call him direct UK time 9am-9pm on 07733888902.