Most requested newspaper

Papers Past have got an archive of over 200 tons of original newspapers and manage to forfill most customer requests for Date of Birth and Anniversary Newspapers but there is one date that is requested more than others and that is 3rd January 2009.

On the face of it the 3 January 2009 seems just an ordinary date, we started off with really good stocks of it but nearly ten years ago I started receiving orders for it. One customer from Canada actually ordered three and I even offered them a discount!

It turns out that it was the date that Bitcoin came in to being and the Times headline "Chancellor on brink of second bailout for banks" was embedded in the new Bitcoin block chain making it a newspaper much sought after!

It is therefore not surprising that collectors want to get their hands on this newspaper, most weeks I get enquiries for it but sadly we just don't have any more available.

I have seen one advertised for one million dollars! If only I knew that when I sold the three.

I get offers of runs of newspapers from time to time and live in hope of turning up 3 January 2009 again, watch this space.