1969 Moon Landing

The "Special Date Collection" at Papers Past has acquired two very exciting "Apollo 11 Moon Landing" editions of The Times Newspaper.

The first one is 21 July 1969 which is the actual newspaper which reports man first landing on the moon. This rare and historic edition is packed full of  photos and news reports of the landing and has the headline Man lands on the moon with perfect touchdown. It is priced at £150 including a Certificate of Authenticity and free UK delivery.

The other Newspaper is also an original edition of The Times Newspaper from 21 July 1969 but a slightly later edition with the famous headline "Man takes first steps on the moon" and "Armstrong says: One giant leap for mankind". Including the Certificate and delivery this one (and there are only two left) is on sale at £250.

What were you doing on the day man landed on the moon?

I was just turning thirteen and I stayed up all night and in to the early hours of the morning watching television. However I must have fallen asleep as it was all over by the time I had woken up!

To order one or both of these iconic newspapers email paperspast@hotmail.com or call me direct on 07733888902.

Ian Willsher Chief Archivist Papers Past.