Old Newspapers for Sale & To Buy From The UK

You've searched high - you've no doubt searched low but finally you looked to Google and typed in the magic phrase old newspapers for sale. Finally at last you've found us Papers Past: one of the biggest newspaper archives in the United Kingdom.

We offer a huge archive of old newspapers for the public to buy, newspapers that are now hard to come by and are often collectable items in their own right because of the significance of the day they were printed and published or sometimes because of the connotation of the articles within. Perhaps it's the elation of the Victory in Europe Day or the terrors as reported about the Twin Town tower atrocities in New York.

Whatever the reasons are that you wish to purchase an old newspaper from our shop here in Truro, UK rest assured that we will find it somewhere amongst our substantially sized newspaper archive.

Old newspapers to buy UK

If you've been looking so hard to find old newspapers to buy it might be worth us telling you a little about ourselves and our company.

Based in Truro in the South West of England, Papers Past was established by Ian Willsher in 1981 and his son Sam Willsher who decided to join his father after his time in university. Between them both, they sit upon a massive corpus of old newspapers weighing in at a whopping two hundred tons!

Having been setup in the old newspaper 'hoarding' business for some number of years now the family run duo called Papers Past routinely find themselves amongst their newspaper archives looking up obscure dates for a customer or two. Talking of customers the kind of customer we attract is wide and varied but includes some of the examples from the following list:

    • People searching for unique birthdate newspapers
    • Collectors and hobbyists of newpapers
    • Family members searching for a special gift - our archive makes for a truly great present
    • Those that are looking for a birthday gift newspaper such as The Times

    Old newspapers for sale in the UK

    So if you've been looking for a fantastic place to buy old newspapers for sale in the UK then please don't hesitate to contact us and we can find and search for the newspaper you need for whatever the occasion or as a fantastic gift.

    We can be contacted 9am to 5pm please call us on 01872 261220 or use the email address 'quick search' box above to email our archivist Ian Willsher to find the paper you're looking for.