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7th September 1940 Battle of Britain starts
7th December 1941 Pearl Harbor bombed
30th October 1942 Montgomery triumps at El Alamein
1st December 1943 "Bevin Boys" called up to work down the mines
6th June 1944 D-Day Landings in Normandy
7th May 1945 Peace comes to Europe
1st September 1946 League football returns to post-war England
9th July 1947 Princess Elizabeth to marry Greek prince
5th July 1948 The National Health Service comes in to being
18th September 1949 The pound is devalued by 30%
26th May 1950 Petrol rationing ends
4th May 1951 Festival of Britain opens in London
8th February 1952 Princess Elizabeth pronounced Queen
2nd June 1953 Coronation of Queen Elizabeth
6th May 1954 Roger Bannister breaks the four minute mile
26th March 1955 National newspaper strike starts
26th July 1956 President Nasser seizes Suez Canal
25th March 1957 Treaty of Rome creates Common Market
5th December 1958 First motorway in Britain is opened
18th August 1959 £500 Austin Mini car unveilled
26th February 1960 Princess Margaret to wed a commoner
13th August 1961 Berlin Wall built
4th January 1962 Decca Records rejects The Beatles
8th August 1963 Great Train Robbery nets £1,000,000
14th June 1964 Nelson Mandela sentanced to life in prison
30th January 1965 Death of Sir Winston Churchill