Newspapers Birthday Memorials

Whether its to check a Birthday Memorial or Family Announcement in a Times Newspaper do contact Papers Past as they are always interested in your story and they don't charge for

searching if you eventually order from them. Their archive of over 200 tons of original editions of The Times Back Issues is at your disposal. Contact Ian Willsher, their archivist, direct on 07733888902 to discuss your requirements.

Last year Ian searched in the archive for himself as he needed the copy of The Times from the day that he first met his wife, Gill, the 4th December 2011. He said

"I soon found The Sunday Times Newspaper for this date and we used it to make table decorations and place mats at our Wedding Celebrations last year. It felt strange tearing up all of those sheets of newspapers but our guests really enjoyed reading the paper from the actual day that I met Gill. It was a simple yet effective part of our Wedding Reception".

With a twinkle in his eye Ian also said "Newspaper is a First Wedding Anniversary Gift according to the chart so I have earmarked a Times for 13th August 2015 to give which will remind us of our Wonderful Wedding Day In Crete".

Ian has made a historic newspaper birthday gift before when he gave his father a 3rd October 1930 Times Newspaper on his 85th Birthday last year - talk about keeping it in the family!

Ian Willsher Archivist Papers Past