Birthday Newspapers 6th July 1945

We just love newspapers here at Papers Past and every day we love to talk to lots of people about lots of dates of newspapers but there is one date which just keeps coming up in conversations.

It's 6th July 1945!

The day was a Friday back then and we have an original edition of The Times in the newspaper archive. So what is it that makes this date so much more popular?

Could it be a historical newspaper date?

Were lots of people born on this day and all want a copy of their birthday newspapers?

Is there a person out there with a fascination for a special gift for a special person who just keeps hitting the search button?

The truth is - we are just not sure. Yes, it would make a brilliant birthday present for someone born on 06/07/45.

Yes, it was a fascinating post war genuine edition of The Times with some historic headlines but all in all nothing outstandingly unusual about it.

This date has baffled us - if you know why then do please contact us. Infact do contact us if you are interested in any other 20th Century Newspaper.

Ian Willsher is our Archivist and he has full access to our whole archive of over 200 tons of Times Back Issues.

His one million candle power torch will shine through to the back of the storage facility and expose the dates on the spines of thousands of volumes of old papers so he will be able to find your one.

Call him direct on 07733888902 to instigate a search for your special date or even 6th July 1945.