Buy Old Newspapers

Not that long ago, the saying used to be that today’s newspaper was tomorrow’s fish and chips’ wrapper, but now it’s more a case of yesterday’s paper is a treasure trove of insights and memories. In the digital age, fewer of us than ever rely on newspapers to find out what’s happening. On the other hand, ‘old’ news has never been more interesting!

Here at PapersPast, even relatively recent editions of our original old copies of The Times newspaper makes for a great read. Go back 50 years to 1965, for instance, and the words and pictures are a clear window into the past. Editions from that year carry lengthy reports of the death of Sir Winston Churchill (30th January); the escape from Wandsworth prison by Great British Train Robber, Ronnie Biggs (8th July), and the introduction of the 70mph national speed limit on 22nd of December, to mention just a few of the bigger stories.

In many ways, the smaller, everyday stories, adverts, and public notices from old editions are just as fascinating as the front page news for what they tell us about how we lived, our aspirations, and how we spent our money back then. One of these original old newspapers can make for a really special gift, so if you’re looking for birthday newspapers in the UK, we have the perfect solution – thousands of them, in fact!