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30th July 1966 England win World Cup
3rd December 1967 First heart transplant performed
6th November 1968 Richard Nixon becomes U.S. President
21st July 1969 First man on the moon
23rd January 1970 First Jumbo Jet lands at Heathrow
15th February 1971 Decimal Currency begins
22nd January 1972 Britain joins E.E.C.
14th February 1973 British boxer Joe Bugner loses to Muhammad Ali
20th March 1974 Kidnap attempt on Princess Anne in The Mall
11th February 1975 Margaret Thatcher becomes new Tory Leader
31st August 1976 Rain ends the summer heatwave
2nd April 1977 Red Rum completes a Grand National Hatrick
16th October 1978 Polish Cardinal becomes Pope John-Paul II
27th August 1979 Lord Mountbatten killed by IRA bomb
5th May 1980 SAS storm Iranian Embassy to free hostages
29th July 1981 700 million worldwide TV viewers watch the Royal Wedding
5th April 1982 Royal Navy Task Force sets sail for The Falklands
2nd October 1983 Neil Kinnock becomes new Labour Leader
9th July 1984 York Minster set ablaze by lightning
7th July 1985 Unseeded 17 year old Boris Becker wins Wimbledon
20th January 1986 Space Shuttle Challenger explodes on take off
16th October 1987 Storm of the Century lashes England
21st December 1988 Pan Am flight 103 explodes over Lockerbie
5th February 1989 Sky Television begins broadcasting in Britain
31st March 1990 200,000 protest in London Poll Tax Riots
17th January 1991 The Gulf War begins